Friday, April 1, 2016

Revival Fires in Hungary (1937-1938)

Courtesy of Professor John L. Heineman, Boston College
In February and March, we learned about the spiritual awakening which spread across Eastern Europe prior to WWII. If you missed those posts and would like to read them, here are the links: A Pre-WWII Great Awakening in Europe and
A Message of Hope in a Time of Need - Eastern Europe, 1937-1939.

Today the story moves to . . . Hungary

After witnessing the changes taking place in the churches of Czechoslovakia, the chief physician for the Hungarian Railway, Dr. Alexander de Csia, invited Evangelist James Stewart to hold evangelistic meetings on behalf of the Evangelical Alliance of Hungary. Dr. Csia was burdened to see God work in his country, refusing to accept the attitude of many that revival in Hungary was impossible.

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