Sunday, July 1, 2018

What Happened to the Doolittle Raiders after Their Escape from China? Part 1

The Official Site of the Doolittle Tokyo Raiders
Eighty Army Airmen formed the sixteen crews known as the Doolittle Raiders who bombed the Japanese homeland in April of 1942. Many consider this operation to be a turning point in WWII because it boosted the morale of the allies and humbled the Japanese at a time when they had seemed invincible.

After bombing Japan, three of the Raiders died during crash landings and bailouts in China, eight were captured by the Japanese (three were put to death and one died of starvation), five landed in the Soviet Union and were interned until they escaped through the Middle East one year later, and the rest were assisted inland by the Chinese. 

So what happened to these airmen after their infamous raid and escape from China?      

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