Massacres & Miracles: A WWII Story                                April 1, 2020

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When: Beginning of WWII (1939-1941)

Where: Eastern Poland / Western USSR

What: In a surprise move on the 17th day of the German invasion of Poland, the Soviet Union invaded from the east. The Nazis and Soviets had secretly agreed the month before to divide the country. Because the Polish military leadership had ordered the Polish forces not to engage the Soviets, the Red Army advanced rapidly with little opposition.  Read More . . .

March 1, 2020

A Germany Scientist Who Leaked Secrets to the Allies: A WWII Story  

Hotel Bristol - Circa 1930
Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Two months after WWII beganGerman mathematician and scientist Hans Ferdinand Mayer checked into the Hotel Bristol in Oslo, Norway. Dr. Mayer was an anti-Nazi from Germany, and he purposely planned a trip to Scandinavia to leak information about the Nazis’ weapons systems and latest technological development projects. 
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A Miracle in Denmark:  A WWII Story

Modern-day Gilleleje, Denmark
Early on the morning of April 9, 1940, Germany attacked Denmark. The invasion was executed so swiftly that the Danish military surrendered after only four hours. Many Danish citizens were furious that their government gave up without a fight. Because Hitler wanted to make a good impression on the many foreign correspondents in Denmark at the time . . . Continue   

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